Episode 5. The Long Awaited Party.

The day is finally here! We are kicking off Season 2 with the long awaited permaculture party promised at the end of the last season. In this episode we will be ‘digging in’ with our core crew of Germinators, and introducing a few new faces - meet Creighton Hofeditz! - as we start to implement the design we put together in season 1.

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Episode 4. A Holiday Update.

As the (amended) saying goes: no plan survives first contact with reality! Life has been busy for all the team here at Germinate and we wanted to give you, our ‘Germinators’, a quick update on what we’ve been up to and what we have planned for you in Season 2 next year.

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From all of us here at Germinate, happy gardening and enjoy the holiday season!

The Final Design

Episode 3. The Final Design.

It’s time to put pen to paper! To prepare for the final design session I’ve been busy sketching out three different designs for my garden space, applying the principles we’ve heard about over the last few episodes. To see what I’ve been inspired by check out the Germinatepodcast Pinterest page!

In this episode I review my sketches with Stephen Polk who we last met in Episode 1 and start to build out the Final Design. We’re so close…!

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Episode 2. Water, Water Everywhere

In a high-desert environment like Denver water is more than just a footnote to how to grow your garden, it's a critical step in the design process. Like many Western states the issue of how and where you access your water is an ongoing subject of debate. 

In this episode, I am joined by Avery Ellis, an Ecological Designer and Permaculture Instructor, who walks me through the opportunities to harvest the water sources that exist on my property today, to minimize the water needed to sustain my garden. In short, to "plant the rain, before we plant the plants!"

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A beginning

Episode 1. A beginning. 

Every journey of transformation starts somewhere. When I first sat down and decided I wanted to grow food in my backyard I didn't know how to begin. What was my goal? Fresh backyard veggies? A farming enterprise? And how did I want my space to interact with the needs of aesthetics, privacy and social space? 

In this first episode, I asked my friend Stephen Polk, a Professor of Permaculture at Naropa University in Boulder, to walk me through the basics of permaculture design and do a site analysis and assessment (A&A).