Stephen Polk
Professor, Naropa University

Stephen Polk is a 16 year social and ecological activist based in the Denver Metro area. He received his MA from the University of Colorado Denver in Political Science. His masters thesis analyzed the political and practical dimensions of permaculture within Denver's collective community, the community in which he has called home for the last 14 years.Stephen has worked primarily on a community level addressing issues ranging from anti-oppression and truly affordable housing, to the construction of regenerative systems in communal settings. Stephen is an Assistant Professor in the BA Environmental Studies Program, and the MA Resilient Leadership Program at Naropa University.


avery Ellis
Ecological Designer & Permaculture Instructor

Avery Ellis is an Ecological Designer with a whole systems approach to life. He holds a Masters degree in Ecological Design and a Bachelors of Science in Biology. He studied permaculture in India in 2006 and in the Rocky Mountains he has been learning and practicing permaculture since 2010. Integrating these skills into diverse businesses, he now focuses on designing ecosystems that serve humanity by mimicking natural processes. As an eco-entrepreneur, his business endeavors include: Avery Ecological Design, Colorado Greywater, Boulder Permaculture and Integrated Aquaponics, where he brings science and craftsmanship together in his designs and installations.


creighton Hofeditz
President, Denver permaculture guild & middle school teacher

Creighton Hofeditz grew up in Morrison, Colorado and obtained an B.A. in theater and communication before switching paths with a permaculture design course at the Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute in 2011. He worked with Peter Bane during the editing process of The Permaculture Handbook and has since designed home landscapes, a highway exit, and a farm school curriculum. Recently he was a contributing author on Jerome Osentowski’s book The Forest Garden Greenhouse and served as the intern coordinator at Bullocks’ Permaculture Homestead in Washington State. He is currently working full time as a middle school teacher at the permaculture-influenced Denver Montessori Junior/Senior High School and is the current president of the Denver Permaculture Guild.